Edible Wild Hibiscus Flowers In Syrup

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Groot Brakrivier


Anina and Helen, friends for over 22 years are registrerd nurses, proud grandmothers and now successful entrepeneurs. We share a hard working nature. 

We planted our hardy, drought -tolerant seed stock on our smallholding outside Klein Brak Rivier and monitored the plantlets carefully to ensure they didn’t fall prey to insects, vervet monkeys and Baboons. We were so excited when the plants of our first crop  started flowering in 2013.

The business was not without its challenges. Initially we struggled to find the right formula for preserving the flowers. We realised that we needed to conserve the blossoms in sugar and water syrup, but our first attempts failed as the flowers crumbled or wilted. With the help of culinary arts specialist Francois Ferreira, we perfected the processing technique and bottled our product without the need of artificial preservatives or coulorants.

In 2015 we produced 2500 jars of preserved flowers from less than a single hectare under cultivation


We do everything ourselves-from planting to bottling-afrikaans women never stop working